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A token which is strictly connected to the energy market flows.

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About Us

Accelerate the world’s transition

Decentralization, achieved through a power token built on the BSC blockchain, in order to remove  intermediaries, allowing the different parties involved in the process to directly communicate with each other via smart contracts. Hence, removing the fees that are now commonly applied by utilities majors.
A direct equity between a coin and the energy market without any intermediary polluting the final price is our target and commitment.

Better than any fiat fund

A crypto fund which arises your solidity and maintains a total privacy on your investments

Easy to check

We publish everyday updates about the energy funds where Enic is invested

Devoted to profit

The Energy market is literally booming. Don't loose the opportunity to profit from it in total privacy.

Why Choose It

Safe, guaranteed, and easy to use

Meet Enic, the energy coin that will multiply your assets

Safe and secure

The blockchain is a free, decentralized and fully transparent ledger for any invested fund

Good investment

No other financial and industrial environment could be more profitable in our era.

Integrated app

Soon available in Google Play a fully featured app to check your funds on a daily basis

Multi Curency Support

Anonymous and easy purchase of Enic through a large number of wallets and networks

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